AGMA Stablemate Introductory Kit


This product includes: 10L Pail with Lid, 1 x 500mL Equaroma, 1 x 500mL Stablecleanse, 1 tub x 30 tablets DIS-IN-FECT and a Jumbo Sponge.



With the launch of the AGMA Stablemate range this special Introductory Pack has been produced to give you the opportunity to try our exciting new products in a handy convenient format. EQUAROMA is a reodourant spray using two essential oils to create a pleasant relaxing environment for both horses and humans. STABLECLEANSE is a multipurpose detergent cleaner incorporating pine oil for use on most hard surfaces in stables and horseboxes such as stall mats, floors, walls, doors etc. In addition to its excellent cleaning properties it leaves a nice fresh pine aroma after use. DIS-IN-FECT are effervescent chlorine tablets which are DEFRA Approved This product produces a cost effective disinfectant with high dilution rates, accurate dosing and long shelf life.