Oil Spill Dispersant

Oil Spill Dispersant


What is DR 379?

DR 379 is a concentrated blend of emulsifiers designed for the rapid and effective dispersal of oil spills.

DR 379 conforms to WSL standard LR 448 (OP) and is approved by The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (the licensing authority in the UK) as a Type 2/3 concentrated oil dispersant (Approval reference number ODA 247).

How to use DR 379

DR 379 Oil Spill Dispersant is licensed for application at sea, on sandy or pebble amenity beaches and also on rocky shores.

DR 379 may be applied as a Type 2 dispersant or as a Type 3 dispersant.

Type 2 application method

DR 379 is first diluted with approximately 10 parts of fresh or sea water prior to use.

Type 3 application method

DR 379 is used undiluted. At sea, one part dispersant should be sprayed on to 20-30 parts of oil. On beaches, one part dispersant should be applied to 7-20 parts of oil depending upon the viscosity and thickness of the oil layer.

In all cases the dispersant should be applied by suitable spraying equipment and the dispersant/oil mixture should be agitated. Further details of recommended methods of use are available by contacting us directly.

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