Quick Break Degreaser

Quick Break Degreaser

Quick Break Emulsifier

Solcon 137

Quick break emulsifier system which meets the most stringent legislation.

Solcon 137 is a solvent based, self-emulsifying cleaner, designed, researched and developed to carry forward the concept of solvent degreasing into the environmentally conscious nineties and beyond.

Traditional solvent and water based emulsifying cleaners and degreasers produce stable emulsions with oils and greases. These emulsions are subsequently rinsed to drain. Current legislation regarding effluent discharges to surface drains limits the discharge of oils and other hydrocarbons to 15 ppm.

The concept of the quick break emulsifiers is one in which the oil and grease are emulsified for rinsing but the resultant emulsion is unstable and breaks back to form an easily disposable supernatant waste in a separating tank placed in the drain line.

Solcon 137 is ideal for use on board marine vessels employing oily water separators. The main applications are for cleaning the engine room, bilge and general upper deck degreasing.

Solcon 137 can be applied by brush or spray directly onto soiled areas. After allowing a dwell time of up to 5 minutes for the Solcon 137 to work, the emulsion should be rinsed with hot or cold water at a typical water pressure of 80-100 psi. Rinse water and waste should be allowed to dwell up to 30 minutes in an oil/water separator before discharge of the aqueous layer. At suitable intervals the supernatant oil should be removed by qualified waste contractors from the break tank/separator.

Although difficult to generalise due to the wide variety of oils and greases that are present to be cleaned, Solcon 137 generally meets the 15 ppm limit for hydrocarbon emissions.

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