Fuel Treatment

Fuel Treatment

Pyrofax D SUPER

A diesel fuel stabiliser combining multi functional additives for complete conditioning of marine diesel fuel.

What is Pyrofax D SUPER?

Pyrofax D Super is a blend of dispersants and anti-oxidants carried in aromatic naphtha.

Why use Pyrofax D SUPER?

Pyrofax D Super acts as a complete fuel oil conditioner and stabiliser:

  • Maintains colour stability
  • Helps to prevent organic sludge formation
  • Limits corrosion in bunkers, tanks and lines
  • Facilitates the blending of high and lower grade fuels
  • Prevents filter blockage
  • Discourages injector sticking

How to use Pyrofax D SUPER

For best results add to fuel oil whilst filling since complete dispersion is readily achieved by this means. It is also acceptable to first add the product to the fuel tank prior to adding the fuel oil.

Application rates vary in response to fuel grade and quality.

To maintain premium grade fuels addition loading of 5-30 ppm will suffice.

To recondition poorer fuels where organic sludge is already present, application rates of 40-80 ppm are advised.

Pyrofax D SUPER is the complete and balanced marine diesel additive for every circumstance and provides valuable operating assurance and reliability.

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