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Liquid Riggwash

Water based rig wash concentrate.

What is Liquid Riggwash?

Liquid Riggwash is a highly concentrated general purpose detergent in liquid form. Because it is a liquid, it is able to contain very specialised oil dispersant and grease killing compounds.

Liquid Riggwash is miscible with fresh or sea water in all proportions and is extremely free-rinsing in either medium. In many applications (such as deck cleaning) rinsing is not even necessary to achieve non-slip finish. It is non-combustible, non-toxic and free from caustic or other strongly alkaline material and is importantly biologically degradable.

Why use Liquid Riggwash?

Liquid Riggwash has become established in marine oil fields as a first class general upper deck and accommodation cleaner.

  • Painted or unpainted decks
  • Walkways
  • Bulkheads
  • Internal floors, walls and paint work
  • Portholes
  • Glass, vinyl and laminates
  • Mess decks and fittings
  • Sight glasses and lighting shrouds
  • Wherever a safe but thorough hard surface cleaner is required

How to use Liquid Riggwash

Liquid Riggwash is equally effective where spraying, scrubbing or wiping are employed. The versatility of Liquid Riggwash is equally applicable to soak tanks and power jetting techniques.

Dilute with one to forty volumes of fresh or sea water dependent upon the severity of soiling and employ one of the appropriate techniques described above.

Dilution with fifty to one hundred volumes of fresh water is recommended for glass and optical plastics.

Rinsing is seldom necessary except to physically remove the dispersed soils from levels or collection areas


Phosphate based water stain, scale and rust remover.

What is Ceraglo?

Ceraglo is a free-flowing acidic liquid concentrate intended for dilution with hot or cold water. It is safe and pleasant to use and at the same time highly efficient for the removal of rust and scale by chemical action. Ceraglo also contains powerful wetting agents and solvents which enable it to leach dirt which has penetrated the surface being treated. The product has been specially formulated so that it has no unpleasant smell, nor will it leave any after use.

Ceraglo is not a degreaser. Oil and grease should be removed

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