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Cleaning Electrics

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Agmasol PS40

A very highly refined hydrocarbon solvent, free from aromatic species and intended to replace such commonplace materials as kerosene, white spirit and ozone depleting solvents in working environments where odour, toxicology and taint are unacceptable.

Agmasol PS40 is also intended as a specialised replacement for 1,1,1 Trichloroethane and other chlorinated and fluoro-chlorinated solvents where the use of the latter has been discontinued under the Montreal Protocol.

The totally odour-free character of Agmasol PS40, coupled with its rapid evaporation rate, render it ideal for manual degreasing, spot cleaning and bench cleaning work involving spraying and wiping techniques. Agmasol PS40 is excellent when employed for degreasing & cleaning electrical and electronic components either in situ or in dip tanks where vapour phase cleaning is impractical.

Agmasol PS 40 is also available in the form of ready-impregnated, low lint disposable wipers packed in ready for use dispenser units.

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