Accommodation Cleaning

Accommodation Cleaning

General purpose detergent concentrates

Fast Acting Multi-Purpose Cleaners


A versatile fast acting, heavy duty maintenance cleaner. Suitable for accommodation and bilge cleaning applications. Unlike many competitive products it does not need rinsing with water, as a single wipe with the prepared solution will leave a bright surface free from streaks and suds. The product is particularly effective on oil and grease bound dirt.

Agmapak is a pale blue, free-flowing liquid with no appreciable aroma and is readily soluble in water. It may be used with complete safety on all metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

Agmapak is a complete all-purpose degreaser and bilge cleaner. Its excellent formulation can even remove stains left by mildew from hulls of boats. Excellent as a bilge cleaner; it quickly emulsifies gas oil and grease with bilge water to make cleaning relatively simple. It reduces fire hazard and leaves no oil film.


Multi purpose detergent concentrate

CINCH is a concentrated pine based detergent with excellent cleaning properties that cleans and deodorises in one operation. CINCH contains no harsh alkali or abrasive and will not scratch or stain. CINCH leaves a fresh pine aroma after use.

CINCH will clean most hard surfaces including work tops, walls, floors and paintwork. It is particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals, public buildings, public service vehicles, public halls, meeting places and ambulances.

CINCH is packed in 1 litre bottles which are easy to handle and fitted with a precision dosing system that allows the user to dispense 20 ml, 40 ml or 60 ml doses of product to control usage without the need for expensive dosing equipment.

Instructions for use

Ensure the cap is tightly closed and follow these instructions to.


Note when adjusting the dose by tipping the bottle in Step 2 it is the guide line on the left that you use so that when upright you have the correct dose which can then be checked against the level line on the right side. In the case of the 20 ml dose the left side guide line is right at the bottom of the chamber.

CINCH the ideal hand spray refill

One 20 ml dose will charge a 500 ml hand spray.

  1. Remove trigger head from bottle
  2. Fill bottle with warm water
  3. Pour a 20 ml dose of CINCH in to the bottle
  4. Refit trigger head to the bottle
  5. Shake gentle to ensure contents is mixed thoroughly.

The CINCH solution is an excellent hard surface cleaner and prepared as advised above, in a 500 ml hand spray, allows it to be used for a wide range of spray and wipe applications. By using CINCH as a hand spray refill, instead of purchasing a new prefilled unit, your costs are pence not pounds.

Floor Cleaning – Spray and buff

Spray the diluted CINCH lightly, in a fine mist, onto the floor surface treating an area of a few square metres. Clean and buff simultaneously using a high speed disc machine fitted with a buff or green pad.

Floor cleaning – Mopping

Add one 20 ml dose to up to 10 litres or 40 ml for 20 litres of warm water. Mop floor with a side-to-side motion, leave a few minutes and rinse with clean water. Floor scrubbing machines require the same quantity of CINCH per litre but rinsing should not be required unless the soil is very heavy. After cleaning, the floor can be drybuffed to develop a shine.


CINCH is an ideal wash room cleaner with its pleasant pine aroma. Spray and wipe techniques are suitable for the cleaning of all glazed walls and fittings. Floors are best cleaned by mopping.

Wall cleaning

Again spray and wipe using techniques are very effective. Alternatively, add a 20 ml dose or if heavily soiled a 40 ml dose to 10 litres of warm water and clean using a gentle circular motion via a cloth or sponge. Start at the top and work down. Wipe off with a cloth sponge using clean water.

Scuff marks

Using the hand spray, apply the CINCH solution liberally to the scuff mark. Leave for five minutes and remove with a damp cloth or mop. Apply extra pressure to any stubborn marks.

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