Water Based Products

Water Based Products

Highly Effective Water Based Products

Solcon 740

A carefully formulated, fast acting, heavy duty maintenance cleaner. This water based general purpose detergent is particularly effective on oil and grease bound soils. It may be used with complete confidence on all metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces. This is often the product of choice for areas and applications that exclude the use of flammable solvents.

HP 9

HP9 is a liquid, water-soluble grease and oil remover formulated especially for use in steam cleaning machines and high pressure washers. It is composed of a combination of penetrating and wetting agent, emulsifiers and water softeners. The cleaning action achieved by this balanced combination of degreasing agents in HP 9 eliminates the need for harsh powders and thickened soaps.


This versatile, fast acting, general purpose detergent concentrate is suitable for many degreasing and cleaning applications. Its excellent formulation can even remove mildew and mildew fungi from hulls of boats. In accommodation areas a single wipe with the prepared solution will leave a bright surface free from streaks and suds. The product is particularly effective on most oil and grease bound dirt and safe to use on most hard surfaces.

Liquid Riggwash

Liquid Riggwash is a highly concentrated general purpose detergent in liquid form. Because it is a liquid, it is able to contain specialised oil dispersant and grease killing compounds.

It is miscible with fresh or sea water in all proportions and is extremely free-rinsing in either medium. In many applications (such as deck cleaning) rinsing is not even necessary to achieve non-slip finish. It is non-combustible, non-toxic and free from caustic or other strongly alkaline material and is importantly biologically degradable.

Liquid Riggwash is equally effective where spraying, scrubbing or wiping is employed. The versatility of Liquid Riggwash is equally applicable to soak tanks and power jetting techniques.


A free-flowing acidic liquid concentrate highly efficient for the removal of rust and scale. Very effective in removing “water stains” from the external surfaces of vessels. Ceraglo is not a degreaser so to ensure maximum efficiency, oil or grease should be removed from the surface before application using one of our emulsifiers such as Solcon 80R.

Agmaklenz 42W

A highly alkaline powder concentrate for charging soak tanks with the power to derust, decarbonise, degrease and strip paint. Agmaklenz 42W has been used for the refurbishment of oil drilling tools for over 35 years. Effective against a variety of soils this powerful and reliable product is in constant daily use by multinational companies serving the world’s oilfields.

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