Solvent Based Products

Solvent Based Products

Powerful and Effective

Solcon 80R

With an extremely effective combination of solvent and detergent Solcon 80R is a powerful and versatile industrial cleaner. This product can be mixed with water and when diluted beyond 50% its flash point becomes extinct. The product removes an unusually large number of unrelated compounds making it an excellent all-purpose solvent based cleaner for maintenance yards.

  • Heavy fuel and diesel oils
  • Carbon stains
  • Preservative coatings
  • Packing grease
  • Asphalt, tar
  • Resins

Solcon 137

This powerful solvent emulsifier is neutral in pH and has quick break functionality. The concept of a quick break emulsifier is one in which the oil and grease are emulsified by the product for rinsing, the resultant emulsion is unstable and breaks in a separating tank. The oils rise to the surface and, heavy particulates sink to the bottom and the effluent discharge is taken from the middle aqueous layer. Originally designed for heavy maintenance cleaning in oil refineries this technology will assist considerably in reducing pollutants in the discharge effluent.

Agmasol PS40

This highly refined hydrocarbon solvent possesses a relatively quick evaporation rate and a flash point above 40┬░C. With good solvency it is an excellent replacement for volatile chlorinated and fluoro-chlorinated solvents. An ideal cleaner prior to welding and painting operations and given the correct conditions it can also be used to clean and degrease electric motors and components.

Agmasol 40 is also available in the form of ready-impregnated, low-lint heavy duty wipes packed in ready for use dispenser units. The wipes are sealed in a foil bag to prevent solvent loss while in transit or storage. In addition to convenience this format helps with the control and reduction of solvent use.

Agmasol PS

A highly refined hydrocarbon based solvent degreaser. With low odour and a high flash point it is intended to replace solvents like paraffin and mineral spirit which smell unpleasant and cause discomfort to workers. Its low evaporation losses make it ideal for dip or soak tank operations, manual degreasing and spray applications. Excellent for the removal of heavy oils and grease.

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