Water Based Coatings

Water Based Coatings

An alternative to the solvent based Synergen range

AGMA’s Vincit range

Ever environmentally conscious AGMA has developed the Vincit range as an alternative to the solvent based Synergen range. These protective water based coatings minimize the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Vincit 409

An alternative to Synergen 501. It cures to form a tough resistant coating offering outdoor protection to ferrous and non ferrous alloys. The cured film is translucent permitting visual inspection and identification of stock codes through the coating. Where this feature is not required a black pigmented version is available enhancing appearance.

Vincit 362

A removable coating which combines the very best of traditional wax based technology with the latest in emulsion chemistry. This ductile self healing barrier coating is suitable for use over all common metals and alloys and will protect many paint finishes in outdoor storage.

Ideal for the storage and transit protection of capital plant, vehicles and consumer durables. Of particular use when transportation dictates deck cargo, given the harsh environment this imposes. Full removal of Vincit 362 is achieved with the use of PDI 19 which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

An oil rig was protected with Vincit 362, during transit, from Canada to Oman. For more details click Vincit 362 Rig Move.

Vincit 640 / Vincit 650

Vincit 640 / Vincit 650 are stable aqueous emulsions which contains advanced co-polymers and specialized corrosion inhibitors. They dry to form a tough film which is resistant to mechanical damage. Ideal for the preservation of ferrous metals and finished surfaces without affecting their appearance including the OD surfaces of OCTG.

Vincit 650 provides a light coating for applications which only require short to medium term protection. Vincit 640 produces a heavier coating to offer medium to longer term protection against marine atmospheres and strong UVB radiation and is perfect for outdoor storage.

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