Solvent Based Coatings

Solvent Based Coatings

An impeccable track record around the world

The Synergen range

Synergen is a range of pedigree solvent based coatings with an impeccable track record that have protected OCTG around the world since 1976.

Synergen 501

Provides a heavy duty coating to protect external surfaces for in excess of 2 years outdoors. Pigment free facilitating easy inspection, self healing under mechanical damage and suitable for most climates. Ideal for OCTG coating.

Synergen 718

A lighter coating for internal surfaces which is designed to provide long term protection. It possesses de-watering properties which chase moisture from the surface. It works via a thin film protection, no slumping or blocking, is compatible and non-contaminant with produced hydrocarbons so no removal is required from surface prior to use. Ideal for OCTG Preservation

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