OCTG Preservation

OCTG Preservation

A range of light-weight ID and deformable
weatherproof OD coatings

AGMA’s Synergen and Vincit

Shortly after its incorporation in 1968, AGMA became heavily involved with the oil drilling industry, working with those who went on to discover the North Sea’s Ekofisk, Forties & Brent fields.

OCTG Protection

It soon became apparent that the challenges represented by deep water drilling in harsh and unpredictable weather led to a demand for reliable supplies and large inventories of well prepared and protected tubular goods. This led directly to AGMA developing a range of light-weight ID and deformable weatherproof OD coatings –now known as the Synergen range. This range is supplemented with our development of the low VOC emission Vincit range for more environmentally sensitive operations.

Given the spiralling costs associated with rig down time AGMA’s coatings are an incredibly cost effective corrosion solution. They are also designed to dissolve in the hydrocarbon stream so their removal prior to the OCTG placement is not necessary.



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