Closed Water Systems

Closed Water Systems

Corrosion Inhibitors

Closed Water Corrosion Inhibition

Proceine 100JL

A corrosion inhibitor for fresh and saline water suitable for use in ballast water, completion, stimulation, hydro-test and water-flood processes.

Beneficial properties offered by Proceine 100JL

  • Proceine is very effective against sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB), inducing and maintaining a 5 log reduction. (NACE International Standard TMO194-2004)
  • Proceine is compatible with fresh and saline water, and with most water-based systems employed in oilfield operations
  • Proceine is partially substantive and persists preferentially at solid/liquid interfaces, directing its performance against surface colonies
  • Proceine is low in mammalian toxicity and relatively safe to handle. Please refer to the MSDS for precautions

Synergen 66 – Corrosion Inhibitor

A balanced formulation of corrosion inhibitors and scale retardants designed for closed water systems. It is effective in the presence of all metals and alloys and is compatible with glycol antifreeze.

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