Alkaline Deruster

Alkaline Deruster

Derust, Decarbonise, Degrease, Strip Paint

Agmaklenz 42W

Agmaklenz 42W is a soak tank additive that has been used for the refurbishment of oil drilling tools for over 35 years. Effective against a variety of soils this powerful and reliable product is in constant daily use by multinational companies serving the world’s oilfields.

The Benefits of Alkaline Cleaning

Because the cleaning operation is a surface action, it ceases as soon as the base material is clean. There is no risk of dissolution or pitting of the base metal. There are no harmful or corrosive vapours as is the case with many acid cleaning processes.

Since there is no attack on sound ferrous metals, mild steel tanks and trays are adequate. The need for rubber-lined tanks and stainless equipment is eliminated.

Maintenance of the solution during its useful life is limited to skimming off surface oils and replacing evaporation losses with additions of water.

Traditionally used in soak tank operations either hot or cold. The addition of heat will boost performance particularly in respect of speed. When time is not critical many customers achieve considerable savings and ecological advantages by using the product at ambient temperature.

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