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Oil & Gas

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AGMA has been working with the Oil & Gas and support industries since the company was formed in 1968. Our business was initially focussed on the North Sea but now includes sales to China, Malaysia, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America.

Oil and gas

Our diverse range

Oil Country Tubular Goods manufacturers, owners and service companies use ‘Synergen’ and ‘Vincit’ coatings for corrosion prevention and preservation of tubing, casing and drill pipe and sundry equipment.

In the past 40 years AGMA has supplied its ‘Proceine’ 100JL corrosion inhibitor for use in ballast water to more than 20 new drilling rig projects, sited in such diverse locations as the North and Caspian Seas and Australia.

Our range includes a range of maintenance products, such as ‘Solcon’ 80R degreaser, ‘Agmaklenz’ 42W for the removal of oils, carbon, rust and scale and Solcon 137, a quick break degreaser.

These products also find applications in the marine industry, along with specialist materials for accommodation, deck and engine room cleaning; engine cooling systems and fuel treatment.

Environmental concerns are uppermost in people’s minds and AGMA Oil Spill Dispersant is held in stock by the UK Government and is carried by many of the service and stand-by vessels operating in the North Sea.

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