Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Train Pressure Washing

EP 1486 Trainwash

A new generation of train exterior cleaner / pressure wash with full 4Rail approval.

What is EP 1486 Trainwash?

EP 1486 Trainwash is a concentrated aqueous blend of degradable synthetic detergents and sequestrants – a new generation of hard surface cleaners free from hazardous materials and is non-corrosive, safe on professional paint finishes and ultimately degradable in discharge.

Where to use EP 1486 Trainwash

EP 1486 Trainwash has an outstanding capacity for suspending and dispersing solid and/or liquid soiling from painted surfaces, functional and decorative finishes and from structural hardware.

How to use EP 1486 Trainwash

Either in pre-diluted mode or by spray on/wash off techniques. Dilutions between 1:5 and 1:50 are appropriate.

Why use EP 1486 Trainwash?

EP 1486 Trainwash contains no solvents, no oils, no harsh nor corrosive alkalis and may be diluted in fresh or saline water. Locally hard water is accommodated by a unique calcium sequestrant system. It is biologically degradable in effluent and acceptable in low concentration in trade effluent (always check with local consents).

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