Impregnated Wipes

Impregnated Wipes

AGMA’s wet wipes have evolved into a sophisticated range comprising of five distinct impregnant fluids. Each fluid is carried on virgin, low-lint fibrous composites which are optimally sized for economy and efficiency in use. These high quality robust wipes have been combined with carefully formulated impregnants which do not contain any substantive ingredients and are completely free of residue. Widely used in the aerospace, precision engineering and paint industries.

The Impregnant Fluids

Agmasol 232

A blend of high boiling esters, ketones and terpenes designed to give good solvency with low toxicity and controlled evaporation. Recommended as a solvent cleaner for paints, resins and elastomers it can be used to replace many solvents that raise concern over toxicity, high VOC (volatile organic compound) and flammability.

Agmasol PS40

A highly refined hydrocarbon solvent, free from aromatic species. With a relatively quick evaporation rate and excellent solvency it is a excellent replacement for volatile chlorinated and fluro-chlorinated solvents. Complies to Rolls-Royce CSS 255 Type A (MLC104).

Agmasol PT

Very similar to PS40 chemically though with a slightly higher flash point and thus a lower evaporation rate. Complies to Rolls-Royce CSS 255 Type A (MLC104).

Isopropanol 99

100% EuP grade isopropanol. With good solvency and rapid evaporation rate IPA features in many cleaning specifications in the aerospace industry in particular.

Agma Isopropanol 99 Wipes complies to Rolls-Royce CSS 269 (MLC104).
Agma Isopropanol 99 Wipes are listed on Rolls-Royce RRA 15721 NMD as a class A material. (Lab Ref A10131 Date 09/03/2017).


Large (25cm x 28cm) Z-folded 100% polypropylene 30gsm wipes pre wetted with a solution of 70% v/v Isopropanol with added surfactant. The Z-fold format allows one wipe to be removed at a time rather than six as is often the case with tub wipes. Presented in a handy resealable flat pack format these wipes are ideal to provide that little extra cleaning power for hard surfaces like tables, desks and door handles which may not be suitable for a Chlorine based treatment.

Solcon 740

A carefully formulated, fast acting, heavy duty maintenance cleaner. This water based general purpose detergent is particularly effective on oil and grease bound soils. It may be used with complete confidence on all metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces. This is often the product of choice for areas and applications that exclude the use of flammable solvents.

The information given in this document is as a guide only as the precise remediation of soiling is a complex topic. AGMA has a wealth of accumulated experience available and at your disposal. We invite you to take advantage of this resource by contacting us for an in-depth discussion of your needs.

Wipe Product Selection

Performance profile and hence product selection is defined by the graded values of certain critical properties.


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