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AGMA offers innovative solutions to everyday practical problems encountered by the manufacturing and service industries.

Our Industrial Products range has been carefully formulated to provide maximum efficacy with ease of use, while ensuring compliance with environmental and health & safety regulations.

We produce a comprehensive range of water and solvent based cleaners and degreasers, which fulfil the requirements of a diverse customer base, from aerospace manufacturing and precision engineering to tissue production. A number of these products, such as ‘Agmasol PS40’ and ‘Isopropanol 99’ are available as wet wipes for economic and effective application.

Products for the transport industry include exterior and interior cleaners and extend to specialities such ‘Sky Blues’ impregnated screen wipes for cleaning aircraft seat – back LCD screens.

Several products originally designed for the demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas sector, such as ‘Synergen’ corrosion preventative coatings, have proved to be equally effective for other industries.

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