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The AGMA range of disinfection and cleaning products cover the entire needs for cleanrooms of all standards.

This complete system, without being overly complex, is the ‘AGMA Way’ and helps you maintain a clean environment whilst keeping the disinfection process simple.

Sterile Zyceine in WFI High Quality Wipes 68 gsm

  • Optimised fluid dosing in conjunction with the highly absorbent 68 gsm polyester/ cellulose blend enables the product to hold sufficient fluid for in-use requirements without drying out too quickly
  • Supplied quarter folded for easy wiping convenience
  • Each wipe is 28 x 38cm, allowing a large surface area to be covered
  • Packed in a triple laminate
  • 0.2 micron filtered and 25kGy gamma irradiated for sterility
  • Manufactured using WFI quality water guaranteeing a low endotoxin level and suitability for product contact areas
  • Batch coded with Detex dot to clearly indicate successful irradiation for peace of mind
  • 2 year unopened shelf life

Delivery Method: Wipes

Item No: 9401

Description: Sterile Zyceine in WFI High Quality, Low Particulate Wipe 68 gsm

Content: 5 Wipes

Packaging Format: 10 x 5 Wipes. One outer bag per case

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