High Purity Water 1L Capped Bottle

Sterile High Purity Water is one of the simplest cleanroom solvents for surface cleaning. Water is an excellent solvent for ionic salts and sugars which are often used in preparations. In addition it is ideal for removing disinfectant residues.

  • For removal of disinfectant residues, ionic salts and sugars
  • Validated in-use sterility for 13 weeks
  • 0.2 micron filtered and 25kGy gamma irradiated for sterility
  • Manufactured using WFI quality water guaranteeing a low endotoxin level (less than 0.25 EU / ml) and suitability for product contact areas
  • Double bagged and batch coded with Detex dot to clearly indicate successful irradiation for peace of mind
  • 2 year unopened shelf life

*Not suitable for injection, ingestion, infusion or irrigation purposes.