Corrosion Protection & Prevention

AGMA - coatings that care

Synergen - Solvent Borne Coatings

Soon after its incorporation in 1968, AGMA became involved with the oil drilling industry, working closely with those who went on to discover the North Sea's Ekofisk, Brent and Forties fields.

The challenges represented by deep water drilling in fierce and unpredictable weather, in particular the need for both corrosion protection & prevention, led to a demand for reliable supplies and large inventories of well prepared and protected tubular goods. This led directly to the development of AGMA's range of light weight ID and deformable weatherproof OD coatings - the SYNERGEN range.

Vincit - Water borne coatings

AGMA's corrosion control products have evolved from their origins in oil exploration to encompass a wide range of industrial applications from inhibitors in closed water systems to the transit protection of large construction equipment stored and transported around the world.

Increasing environmental awareness in industry has brought growing recognition to our unique water borne Vincit range. The product of 10 years of research, development and field trials, Vincit coatings combine optimal performance in Synergen's best tradition with minimal emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC's).