Corrosion Prevention

AGMA was an early developer of corrosion control products for the Oil & Gas industry operating in the North Sea. This pioneering work, during the early 70’s, focused initially on the preservation and protection of oil field drill pipe, tubing and casing (OCTG). ‘Synergen’ 501 and 718 were the resulting products from this development programme.
The reputation earned by perform in the harsh conditions of the North Sea has seen the ‘Synergen’ products used to preserve OCTG worldwide. The technology and expertise gained with the oil industry lead AGMA to produce a range of corrosion control products that provide outstanding performance for many industrial applications, including the protection during transit of heavy construction equipment, preservation of parts in storage and corrosion inhibitors for closed water systems.
For more details on our range of corrosion control products please use the link to visit corrosion control in oil & gas.